For more than 40 years the Delta Learning Center has had a positive impact on the lives of thousands of students in our community. This is what our students, parents and teachers have to say:

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I highly recommend Delta Learning Center to students of all ages. I have been an elementary, middle school, high school, and continuation high school teacher in East County for over 20 years, and I have seen the results of one-on-one tutoring from the highly qualified credentialed teachers at DLC. The teachers work with students in areas in which they need help, unlike some of the big-business tutoring centers that try to standardize the learning process and take students back to the womb for missing skills that have no correlation with the current struggles of the students. Tara, the Director of DLC, knows her tutors and knows the students who come to DLC for services, and that expertise creates the perfect environment for learning. Please consider a visit! – Sherri L. , Antioch

I came here for precalculus help and SAT test-prep and both went phenomenally. In just a few sessions my grade in Precalc went from a C to an A and my SAT scores increased by over 300 points.

Between kindergarten and high school graduation I received no better instruction than the handful of one-on-one sessions I had here. Beyond the lessons, the teachers here gave me help developing the study skills that I never needed in high school and could not have survived without in college.

I study education now at a university and cannot recommend Delta Learning Center highly enough. It almost seems criminal that kids can go all the way through high school without any one-on-one teaching. I wish I could rate it higher than 5 stars! J S., Antioch

… Delta Learning Center has made learning an enjoyable experience for my son. He now enjoys doing his work and takes pride in the work he does. – J.C., Antioch

“…I have a learning disability. Ever since I’ve been coming here my grades went from F’s to C’s and B’s. I didn’t think I could do it. So if you have a problem or just want the extra help on homework just skate on in and check them out. They are very nice. Delta Learning Center, it’s a great place to learn. Tell ’em R.B. sent ya!” R.B., Brentwood

“Thanks for teaching me lots of things.” D.M., Antioch

“Without DLC we would have homework tears every night. Thanks for all you do!” C.R. and family, Antioch

“Thank you for teaching & letting me understand math. You did a good job.” M.P., Antioch

“…you really encouraged me to work harder and gave me a lot of confidence. :-)” T.R., Brentwood

“Our family had tried EVERYTHING we could think of to help our daughter. DLC was our last hope. Wish we had found you sooner, it would have saved us a lot of time and money. This year our daughter is doing a great job ON HER OWN. She will graduate in June and could not have done it without the specialized help from Delta Learning Center.” L.S.R., Oakley